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Terms & Conditions

Work Play USA 2023 Participant Terms and Conditions


Work Play USA (herein known as WPUSA/we) are a UK company based in Edinburgh that specialises in Cultural Exchange programs to America. The purpose of this agreement is to detail the services we will provide to you, and the terms that we require you (herein known as participant or you) to comply with. WPUSA is in partnership with A Cultural Exchange Service (ACES) in the United States. ACES will be the designated sponsor of your J-1 visa and your main point of contact when in the USA. WPUSA is your primary contact outside of the USA but are NOT your visa sponsor. ACES are a designated J1 Sponsor by the US Department of State. If you have questions pertaining to any point, please get in touch with the team at WPUSA.


You should understand that WPUSA are a recruitment company and we do not own or operate any camps in the USA. ACES are your main point of contact in the USA and they do not own or operate any camps. ACES can be contacted by email- or phone- 855-517-8233 (855 J1 STAFF)

WPUSA Registered Company Address- 2 Drylaw House Gardens, Edinburgh, EH4 2UE ACES Registered Company Address- 14258 Creek Run Drive, Riverview, FL 33579. USA

  1. Work Play USA Intentions- We will:

    1. - Offer you an interview upon receiving your WPUSA application and endeavor to provide advice and guidance. Upon being accepted onto the program we will provide you with step by step support prior to your departure.

    2. - Once your application is complete, we will endeavor to match you with a suitable summer camp in the USA, based on your skills and experiences. We will share your application with camp directors and then feed back information about any interested camps to you.

    3. - Once placement is confirmed, fees paid and required documents have been submitted to WPUSA, ACES, as the J1 visa sponsor, will issue a DS-2019 form and SEVIS fee receipt (required for J1 visa application).

    4. - With ACES your insurance package will cover you with medical insurance for the entirety of your camp contract, up to 9 weeks (excluding Workman’s Compensation claims, pre-existing health conditions and situations that violate coverage of the health insurance policy). If your camp contract exceeds 9 weeks, your camp will pay to extend your insurance coverage.

    5. - When in the USA, ACES will provide you with 24/7 emergency support.

    6. - Provide you with a Pre-Departure Orientation. All WPUSA participants must attend this orientation.


2- 2023 Fees:

2.1- In order to join the WPUSA program you agree to pay the following fees. By signing this document you agree to pay the fees required, and recognise that all fees must be paid before we can submit your application to ACES for visa sponsorship. Should you withdraw from the program or do not complete your camp contract these fees will become non-refundable.

Please note discounts can apply to participants that refer friends to us, contact us for more information.


First time to Camp (you have never worked at a summer camp, or wish to work at a new camp in the USA and require WPUSA to assist you in finding a placement):

Total Program Fees Payable to WPUSA = £200. This total fee will be split into 2 installments:

£50 deposit due to secure placement on the program upon acceptance after interview

£150 fee payment due within 30 days of camp placement being secured. This is required to begin visa processing.


2.2- Payments to WPUSA include Application and Placement services, J-1 Visa sponsorship, medical insurance and customer service.

2.3- You accept that you will also be responsible for all 3rd party costs, which include, but are not limited to:

  • A Police Background Check

  • A US Embassy appointment ($160),

  • Return flights to the USA (approx. £500)

  • A medical check (if required)

2.4- If you require your visa paperwork to be mailed to an address outside of the UK then WPUSA will bill you for this cost in advance. The cost will be £50 and is non refundable in any circumstances once paperwork has been mailed.

2.5- Additional charge of £100 is required for re-issuance of your DS2019 form if it is lost, needs to be changed, not taken with you to camp or incorrect information is given to WPUSA/ ACES .

2.6- Any costs arising as a requirement of your placement at a camp are the responsibility of the participants. 2.7-Additional medical insurance can be purchased from ACES for dates spent in America out with your camp contract (travel time).

2.8- You agree that WPUSA can not be held liable for cost of lost program fees, canceled/ delayed flights, visa denial or any medical costs that you incur.

3- Application:

3.1- In order to apply for the J1 Cultural Exchange program you must be 18 years of age at the time of your scheduled arrival in the USA. You agree to complete all required application forms truthfully.

3.2- You agree to allow WPUSA to share the information you have provided to us with our partners (see Sec 24). WPUSA will not share your information with other third party organisations. You must also agree to our Privacy Policy.

3.3- You must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions and/or criminal convitions to WPUSA. We will endeavor to offer support and advice relating to the J1 program and how your condition and/ or criminal conviction could effect your application, without judegement or predujice.

3.4- Should any of your information change you must inform WPUSA immediately. This includes changes to your contact information, availability during the summer months , health condition or any other changes that may effect your application. WPUSA reserves the right to withdraw you from the program and any refund given will be at the absolute discretion of WPUSA.

3.5- WPUSA reserves the right to withdraw support for a participant’s application at any point throughout the season if we have reason to believe they are not suitable for the program. If this decision is taken, WPUSA shall endeavor to give the participant a reasonable explanation as to why.

3.6- You agree that WPUSA is unable to discuss your application with anyone other than yourself. This includes parents. No information will be shared or discussed with anyone other than the person who submitted the application.

3.7- WPUSA will conduct interviews from our office in Edinburgh, UK.


4- Acceptance & Deposit:

4.1- WPUSA will only accept a participant onto our program following a successful interview. Should we offer you a place on the program this means that we believe you have the skills, experiences and personality traits to be successfully hired by one of our camps in the USA. In order to confirm your place on the program you must pay the deposit payment.

4.2- When joining our program you understand that we can not guarantee you a placement at a summer camp. You understand that you must take part in the interview procedure for any camp that shows interest in hiring you, and you acknowledge that you are ultimately responsible for securing employment by impressing a camp director . WPUSA cannot be held responsible if a participant is not successful at securing a position although we pledge to offer the necessary advice and guidance throughout the entirety of the process.


5- Friend Referrals:

5.1- WPUSA offers a friend referral bonus to anyone who encourages another person to join our program. In order to be eligible for this bonus you must pay all of your fees and then complete a succesful summer at camp. Your referral must also complete the program in full, resulting in completion of a full camp contract. Your referal must be someone who is going to camp for the first time and must not have a camp placement already arranged.

5.2- For a referral to be valid, the participant must have entered the referees name into the 'how did you hear about WPUSA' box when submitting their initial application form. Credit for a referral can only be given to one participant

5.3- Credit will be worth a maximum of £50.


6- Placement at a Camp:

6.1- Before WPUSA can begin the process of securing you a camp placement you must have completed a succesful interview with us, finshed your application in full and paid your deposit.

6.2- You understand that there is no specified time frame for the amount of time it will take to secure a camp placement. You could be approached by a camp at any time from when you join the program up until mid June. 6.3- You understand that WPUSA will share your application with our partner camps and will also host your application on an online database built specifically for camp directors.

6.4- Whilst your application is on review with a camp, you acknowledge that it is not visible online to other potential employers.

6.5- As the participant, you reserve the right to accept or reject any offer or potential offer of employment that you are presented with, however please note that WPUSA can never guarantee that an alternative position will be found for you elsewhere. We would encourage you accept any interview offered before deciding on the camp.

6.6- You accept that WPUSA is unable to guarantee any specific requests you make to us regarding the type/ location of camp you wish to work at.


7- Forms:

7.1- As part of the services WPUSA and ACES provide to you, you will be issued with J-1 visa sponsorship and a DS2019 form after you have been succesfully placed by a camp in the USA. Before we can apply for your DS2019 form you must have paid all fees due to WPUSA, submitted all forms (below) and followed the instructions given by ACES. We will guide you through this process.


The following Forms must be sent from you to WPUSA:

  • Work Play USA Terms and Conditions 2023 (this document) – Please read this document thoroughly, sign and date the final page to accept our terms and conditions and send us a copy of the signature page.

  • 3 references – We need 3 professional references to support your application. The reference may be completed by someone who has known you in a professional capacity such as former/current teachers, employers or coaches. You will be required to provide the email addresses of these referees who will be sent a reference form to complete.

  • Passport Photo Page – This must be a clear scan of the picture page in your passport. We must be able to see the picture and all of the information clearly. For visa regulations Passports must have a minimum of 6 months expiry left on them after the end of August 2023, therefore we can only accept passports with an expiry date no earlier than March 2024. You will need to renew your passport if it expires before this.

  • Camp Contract – Sign and scan a copy of your contract over to WPUSA.


  • Police Background Check – You must send us a police background check. We can only accept checks dated after 1st October 2022 so that they are current for our 2023 summer camp season. WPUSA can offer guidance on how to apply for a police background check.


7.2- It is a requirement of both the US Embassy and WPUSA that you declare any criminal convictions. This includes juvenile cautions and any current charges. Non-disclosure of this information could result in a longer visa process and maybe even visa refusal. If this was to be the case, you accept that your WPUSA fees would be non-refundable and we hold the right to dismiss you from the program without compensation.

7.3- Offences relating to Drugs, Violance or charges relating to children will result in your application being terminated.

7.4- You agree to allow WPUSA to share your Police Background Check with our partner camps in the USA.

7.5- Participants should be aware that they may be required to complete additional US State Police checks and finger prints upon arrival at in the USA.


8- Visa & Embassy:

8.1- You understand that in order to work at a camp you must obtain a J-1 visa by attending a US Embassy appointment. WPUSA will assist and guide you through this process. For UK particpants the nearest embassies are located in London or Belfast.

8.2- You accept that you must pay a fee directly to the US Embassy in order to book your appointment. This fee is listed as a ‘Third Party Fee’ (see sec 2.3). The price of the appointment is at the discretion of the US Embassy and may change at any time.

8.3- You accept that any costs arising from the need to attend a US Embassy appointment (such as travel costs, accomodation etc) is your responsibility and WPUSA is not able to assist with this.

8.4- Prior to booking your Embassy appointment you will need to complete an online DS160 form. WPUSA will endeavor to guide you through the process of completing the DS160 and booking your Embassy appointment. We will also offer support on required paperwork that you need to take to the appointment.

8.5- You agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations required at the US Embassy. You also understand that you will be required to prove to the US Embassy that you intend to return to your home country after completion of your camp contract and grace period. WPUSA can offer you advice on this.

8.6-. WPUSA will send to you the necessary DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility document and SEVIS Receipt which are required in order to attend an appointment at the US Embassy.

8.7- You accept that the decision to grant your visa is completely at the discretion of the US Embassy officials and WPUSA has no influence over the decision of the Embassy. If your visa is denied, WPUSA will not refund any of your program fees or third party costs.

8.8- You acknowledge that once your Embassy appointment has been booked, the fee is non-refundable under any circumstances; however the credit may be used for an appointment on an alternative day. You agree to read and abide by the conditions of the J-1 visa program and your DS-2019 form during your time in the USA. 8.9- Please note that the US Embassy is an independent institution, which WPUSA has no control or influence over.

8.10- In order to to process and issue your J-1 visa the US Embassy will keep your passport for a minimum of one week. Please do not make any international travel arrangements to depart soon after your visa interview.


9- Flights:

9.1- Neither the cost of booking flights or the process of booking flights are included in your WPUSA program fees. You must book and pay for your own flights.

9.2- You accept that WPUSA or ACES do not take any responsibility for assisting you in booking flights home should you need to depart camp/ USA earlier than originally planned.


9.3- You must accept that booking flights before your J-1 visa has been approved is at your own risk. We do not recommend booking flights until after your J-1 visa application has been approved at the US Embassy Consulate.

10- Your Camp:

10.1- You understand that in order to accept employment at a camp you must sign a contract with them and abide by all of their terms and conditions. This contract is separate to the terms and conditions in this document.

10.2- You are employed independently by the camp that you sign a contract with. You acknowledge that neither WPUSA or ACES are not your employer and holds no responsibility for any issues that arise once you are at camp.

10.3- WPUSA does not own or in any way assume responsibility for the operation of camps or the ability of the J1 Program to run. The running of each camp is solely at the discretion of its proprietor and/or director. WPUSA cannot and does not, accept liability for any decision, actions or omission of whatever nature made by or on behalf of the proprietors and/or directors of the camps. If you consider that you have suffered any loss, injury or damage whatsoever as a result of any such decisions, actions or omissions, your right to recourse lies against the director or proprietor of the individual camp or resort. Your acceptance of placement with a camp is subject to this condition.

    1. You agree to respect the customs, laws and eccentricities of the American culture.

    2. You agree that if transport to camp is not provided, you will be responsible for arranging your own travel to a pick up point agreed with camp management. Most camps will cover this cost but unless otherwise agreed, you will be responsible for the cost of all 3rd party transport.

10.6- You agree to be responsible for all personal and incidental expenses before, during and after the camp season. It is adviseable that you take extra money with you for days off and after camp travels. You acknowledge that there may be an additional charge for laundry and/or uniform. Food and accommodation will generally be provided for free as part of your camp contract.

10.7- WPUSA considers children and young people to be individual and valuable members of society who have an unconditional right to be treated with dignity and respect. As such they should be fully protected against any exertion of inappropriate power, whether sexual, physical or emotional. Relationships with campers, or with anyone under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden. This is a zero tolerance policy.

10.8- You understand that camp pays your salary directly to you. The amount of this salary is at the discretion of the camp, however WPUSA does offer salary guidance to camps. If you do not complete your camp contract this salary may be pro-rated to cover days worked.

10.9- You accept that your salary may have US taxes deducted.

10.10- You understand that your camp will pay WPUSA a fee which covers agency sponsorship, recruitment fees, admin fees and SEVIS.


11- Failure to complete:

11.1- Should your camp contract be terminated earlier than planned for any reason (dismissal or personal choice) you must inform ACES prior to leaving camp. ACES will discuss your departure both with you and your camp. ACES may require you to leave the USA in a specified time frame.

11.2- You accept full responsibility for your actions during the summer and during any post-camp travel. You agree to adhere to the rules and regulations pertaining to the J-1 visa program and your camp contract. Should you fail to complete your camp contract in full, you will incur a failure to complete program penalty of £300 at the discretion of WPUSA. This would be paid to WPUSA directly. This is to cover lost earnings for WPUSA.

11.3- You agree not to hold WPUSA or its associated partners accountable for your actions and or any subsequent negative consequences.

11.4- As your visa sponsor, ACES is required to maintain your visa sponsorship status in the SEVIS system. They have the right to end your program at any time if you fail to comply with program requirements – this includes once your visa has been issued.

11.5- You agree to abide by all lawful rules and reasonable expectations of WPUSA and contained herein and of the camp in which you are placed. Please be advised that all camps have a strict alcohol/drug policy. This is a zero tolerance policy. Camps will also have no smoking policies that may extend to local towns as well as camp grounds, most camps also operate a curfew requiring you to return to camp by a deadline when on time off. If you break any of these rules you will be required to leave camp immediately and will be responsible for your own costs and for any costs incurred by WPUSA through non-payment or reduced payment of fees by the camp. It is illegal to buy, consume or be in possession of alcohol under the age of 21 in the USA.

11.6- Should you be required to leave the USA during the summer you should make sure that you have enough funds to pay for a flight home. WPUSA or ACES, will not pay for any travel costs accrued due to termination or leaving camp.

11.7- You accept that should the J1 Visa program close, US Embassy closures or travel restrictions from your home country restrict your ability to work at camp no refund of any fees paid to WPUSA will be made if your DS2019 visa paperwork application process has begun.


12- Visa Sponsor Check Ins:

12.1- You recognise that ACES require regular check ins once you have arrived at camp. You will be required to notify them of your arrival in the US within 5 days.

12.2- You will also be required to check in with ACES on the 1st and 15th day of each month you spend in the USA.

12.3- You recognise that failure to check in with ACES puts your J1 visa sponsorship in jeopardy, and could result in the termination of your sponsorship.


13- Pre Departure Orientation:

13.1- As part of the services that WPUSA provides, we agree to host a Pre Departure Orientation for all participants.

13.2- You recognise that attending the Pre Departure Orientation is a J1 visa requirement, and you agree that you must attend.

13.3- Details on the scheduling of the orientation day will be issued by WPUSA in April 2023.

13.4- The Pre Departure Orientation is designed to fully prepare you for your participation in the J1 camp program and will offer guidance.


14- After Camp Grace Period:

14.1- You understand that as a participant of the J1 camp counselor program you are entitled to 30 days 'grace period' both before and after your visa validity period. This is the time allowed for you to travel around the USA. During this period, you may enter/remain in the USA as a tourist, but you are not permitted to work.


15- Direct Hires:

If a camp in America has hired you directly and you wish to use WPUSA to provide you with J1 visa sponsorship (through ACES) the following terms will apply-

15.1- Program fees owed to WPUSA will be £400, payable in two installments of £200

15.2- Payments to WPUSA include Application services, J-1 Visa sponsorship, medical insurance and customer service.

15.3- Once the visa process has begun, you accept that no refunds of program fees can be issued for any reason. Should you withdraw from the program prior to visa processing you will be refunded in full minus

£100 admin charge.

15.4- All other terms in these terms and conditions must be agreed to.


16- Medical and Travel Insurance:

16.1- ACES provides you with medical insurance for the duration of your camp contract up to a maximum of 63 days. This insurance does not cover pre-existing medical/mental conditions.

16.2- If you will be in the USA for longer than the duration of your camp contract you should purchase an insurance extension. The Medical Insurance policy is subject to change dependent on the policy provider. Should you stay in the USA to travel before or after camp, you should consider adding extra dates onto your medical insurance. This is an additional cost to you.

16.3- If you have any pre-existing medical/mental conditions or take any medications you must declare this to a member of the WPUSA team. WPUSA reserves the right to decline your application should we feel your condition(s) may affect your safety and ability to complete your camp contract.

16.4- Your insurance policy may have an excess/deductible, which you will have to pay on any qualifying claims. Information on how to manage your insurance will be provided to you.

16.5- By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions you agree that WPUSA can take any required action in regards to your health and safety without incurring any liability or expense. This may include, but is not limited to: your placement in a hospital, use of doctor’s service and transportation to your home country at your own expense.


17- Lost or damaged paperwork:

17.1- If you lose, damage or forget to take your DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility form to camp with you, then you agree to pay £100 for a re-print. This cost does not include shipping.


18- Emergencies while in the USA:

18.1- Understand that WPUSA or its affiliates or ACES may, without liability, or expense to themselves take whatever action they deem appropriate with regard to your health and safety and may place you in a hospital for medical services and treatment or, if no hospital is readily available, may place you in the hands of a local medical doctor for treatment. You undertake to reimburse us, our agents or the summer camp in which you are placed for any expenses incurred by us or them in taking any action reasonably considered necessary in the interest of your health and safety, which is not covered by the medical insurance policy. If deemed desirable by ACES or its agents, you authorize them to transport you back to your country of origin at your own expense.

18.2- You agree to waive and release WPUSA and its affiliates, agents and employees from any claims whatsoever arising from any injury, loss, damage, accident, delay, or expense resulting from events beyond its control, including without limitation acts of God, acts of war, strikes, incidents of politically motivated violence, terrorism, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations, and, in the absence of gross negligence (or negligence in the case of personal injury) by ACES, arising from the use of any vehicle or from any act or omission by any agent or employee or guests of the participating camp, individual, firm or company in relation to transportation to, from and within the US or another facility or service organized on your behalf.


19- American Passport Holders:

19.1- If you hold a valid American passport you must travel to camp using this. You will not need to apply for a visa and your program fees to WPUSA will only be £50. This fee is non-refundable.

19.2- You must arrange your own medical insurance and understand that all third party costs are at your own expense.


20- Refund Policy

20.1- If you opt to withdraw from the program at any point during the application process you recognize that your deposit payment is non-refundable.

20.2- If WPUSA fails to place you at a summer camp post June 25th then you will be entitled to a refund of all program fees.

20.3- You accept that if your visa application is denied, or you are denied entry into the USA that WPUSA can not be held liable and we will be unable to offer you any refund or compensation for monies lost

20.4- If you withdraw from the program after being placed by a camp, but before the visa process has been initiated then you may be entitled to a refund of the second fee installment. WPUSA reserves the right to charge a £50 administration fee and you recognise that your deposit payment is also non refundable.

20.5- If you withdraw from the program once the visa process has been initiated, then you will receive no refund of program fees paid to WPUSA.

20.6- Any fees you incur for third party services (such as J1 visa interview or criminal background checks, etc) or other costs associated with the program (but not inclusive of the program fee) are not refundable by WPUSA.

20.7- You accept that should the J1 Visa program close, no refund of any fees paid to WPUSA will be made.

20.8- You also accept that should your travel be restricted due to your inability to show evidence of mandatory vaccinations, WPUSA will not refund your program fees.

20.9- You accept the US Government and State Department, and your own government have the authority to suspend arrivals and/or travel to the USA, and that WPUSA accepts no responsibility for any of their decisions that prevent you traveling to or arriving in the USA (including but not limited to; the suspension of some or all international arrivals, the suspension of arrivals from your departure country, the cancellation or suspension of the J1 program). In the event that you are unable to travel or enter the USA, WPUSA will hold any fees paid directly as part of a credit system for a future season.


21- Returning To Camp

If you have previously attended a summer at camp in the USA, and you wish to use WPUSA to provide you with J1 visa sponsorship (through ACES) the following terms will apply-

21.1- Program fees owed to WPUSA will be £400, payable in two installments of £200.

21.2- Payments to WPUSA include Application services, J-1 Visa sponsorship, medical insurance and customer service.

21.3- Once the visa process has begun, you accept that no refunds of program fees can be issued for any reason. Should you withdraw from the program prior to visa processing you will be refunded in full minus £100 admin charge.

21.4- All other terms in these terms and conditions must be agreed to.

21.5- You understand that WPUSA has to charge higher program fees for returning applicants compared with first time applicants as camps no longer pay agency fees to WPUSA, and all visa costs must be covered by you. You also understand that you can negotiate your own salary with your camp.


22- Participation on a Cultural Exchange:

22.1- You understand and acknowledge that you are not an employee or agent of WPUSA or any affiliate thereof and agree not to make any representations to any third party or employee of the participating camp to that effect. You understand that you are a cultural exchange visitor.

22.2- As a Cultural Exchange Visitor you are expected to experience and form a greater understanding of the culture of the US. WPUSA encourages you to take full advantage of days off and time after camp to travel, learn and enjoy.


23- GDPR, Data Protection and Privacy Policy

23.1- For WPUSA to deliver the services we offer we must collect and share your personal information to third parties, some of which could be in the USA. Your information will need to be shared between WPUSA, ACES, our partner camps and insurance providers.

23.2 You agree to share your personal information with all of the mentioned third parties, as also disclosed in our Privacy Policy.

23.3- By applying to WPUSA, you consent to your image and any comments, photos and videos uploaded to the WPUSA website or to be used for WPUSA marketing and publicity purposes.

23.4- You understand that the ACES program is a designated J-1 Exchange Visitor Program sponsor through the US Department of State. As such it adheres to strict regulatory provisions with regard to the cultural exchange component, your placement and working conditions as well as safeguarding your health, safety and welfare. If processed with ACES you may contact ACES’s Responsible Officer, Debra Moody , by telephone

( 855-517-8233 (855 J1 STAFF)or by email at



24- Miscellaneous Information:


24.1- Nothing in this Terms & Conditions shall be deemed to constitute a partnership or joint venture between the parties to the Terms & Conditions.

24.2- These Terms and Conditions and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the subject matter of any contract and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between you and us, whether oral or in writing.

24.3- You and we each acknowledge that, neither of us has relied on any warranty, representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or be implied from anything said or written in negotiations between you and us prior to such contract except as expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions. 24.4- You may not transfer, assign or otherwise dispose or any of your rights or obligations arising under these Terms and Conditions, without our prior written consent.

24.5- These Terms & Conditions cannot be amended, superseded, cancelled or any of its terms and conditions waived except by an agreement in writing signed by an authorised director of WPUSA.

24.6- If any of these terms and conditions or any provisions of a contract are determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

24.7- You agree to abide by all lawful rules and regulations of WPUSA and of the camp at which you are placed and to fully indemnify and hold WPUSA completely harmless from and against any liability, obligation, loss and expenses including but not limited to, court costs and legal fees incurred by WPUSA, your camp/resort or a third party resulting from any injury, loss, property damage or expenses that you directly or indirectly cause or to which you contribute.

24.8- WPUSA will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations, or for claims or costs whatsoever arise from any injury, loss, damage, delay, accident, expense or cancellation resulting from events outside our reasonable control (force majeure event) including (but not limited to) natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism, strikes, incidents of politically motivated violence, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations or transportation accidents, or your termination of employment from camp.

24.9- WPUSA accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for your actions, any damage or any loss suffered or caused by you for the duration of these Terms & Conditions.

24.10- Nothing in these Terms & Conditions will exclude or limit in any way our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to limit or exclude, or attempt to limit or exclude, our liability.

24.11- These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Scotland. The courts of Scotland shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any disputes relating to this Agreement, save that WPUSA reserves the right to commence proceedings against you for any breaches of this Agreement in any jurisdictions as appropriate.

24.12- We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time.

By signing this document you confirm that you have read and understood its terms fully and agree to abide

with all terms and conditions outlined on all pages.

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