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Privacy Policy

By agreeing to this document, you consent for Work Play USA to share your date with the following organisations.


Work Play USA- We will collect, process and store your personal data securely. Only Directors of Work Play USA will have access to this information and we agree that it will not be shared with any parties other than the ones below. The personal data we collect will be required for interview processes, onboarding processes, summer camp placement services, J1 visa sponsorship purposes and for the enrollment in medical insurance.


A Cultural Exchange Service (ACES)- Work Play USA work in partnership with ACES. ACES are a designated Department of State J1 visa sponsor, and will be providing you with visa sponsorship should you be successfully accepted onto the program. In order to process a DS2019 form for you after being accepted onto the Work Play USA program and having been offered a placement at a summer camp in America, ACES will be required to collect your personal information such as name, address, date of birth, email address and phone number. They will also need to recieve a copy of your passport photo page, 3 references and police background check. ACES also coordinate the enrollment in medical insurance for you, so your data will need to be shared with their insurance provider. ACES and their insurance provider are based in the USA.


Camps in America: The camps that Work Play USA are partnered with shall be able to view your full Work Play USA application form and may request to see your references and police background check. This data will be shared with the camps for the purpose of securing camp placement.

Google Drive: The information we receive from you will be stored securely in Google Drive.

WhatsApp: We use WhatsApp to maintain contact with our applicants, and we will store your name and phone number in the WhatsApp app.

The UK GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  1. The right to be informed

  2. The right of access

  3. The right to rectification

  4. The right to erasure

  5. The right to restrict processing

  6. The right to data portability

  7. The right to object

  8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

Work Play USA agrees to hold your data for no longer than 2 years after the end of your latest interactions with us.

You can request your rights by contacting Josh Peacock of Work Play USA at

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