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You've done the work, now it's time for the play

You’ve just finished the most incredible job you have ever had, made friends with great people and been paid. Now you have 30 days remaining on your J1 visa before you have to go home, so now is the time to explore the USA!


After camp travels is an incredible way to end your summer. 

After your camp contract has finished you will have 30 days remaining before you have to leave the US and return home. During this time, the plan is up to you! 


First travel tip from us to you- try not to plan a full itinerary for your travels BEFORE you go to camp. Chances are, you are going to make lots of new friends and will want to travel together after camp. So, have a list of places you want to go and things you want to see in mind, but live spontanously and figure it out during the summer! 


Traveling after camp is completely your choice. Some people return home after camp, some people travel for a week, and some use the full 30 days. If you do intend to travel around the USA after camp you will have your salary from camp to use, but we would recommend you try to save as much spending money as you can before you depart for the USA.  When thinking about travelling, it may be worth looking into flexible flight options so that you can choose when to return home (within the 30 days grace period)

Well, that is the question! Most people have an idea of where they would like to visit in the USA. On the East Coast of America you have amazing States such as New York, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts & Florida to name but a few. Some people like to spend their whole time city hopping and going to New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Orlando etc. Each city is unique and amazing in their own ways, with lots of tourist attractions. New York boasts Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park, whereas in Washington DC you could visit the White House, Capitol Building and Natural History Museum. 


Further down the East Coast you will find Florida. You could visit Disney World & Universal Studios , or take a trip down to Miami and soak up the sun on the famous Miami Beach.  


On the West Coast you have an abundance of options! Why not fly into San Francisco and take a road trip down the coast passing Yosemite National Park, Los Angeles, San Diego, Joshua Tree National Park, the Grand Canyon and finish off in Las Vegas? 


Domestic flying within the USA is very accessible, so you can plan your dream trip.


The opportunites are endless, so please feel free to ask your Work Play USA account manager for any hints and tips on travel!

Firstly, during the summer you will no doubt meet a lot of Americans. As relationships grow you may find yourself with an invite to spend some time visiting and staying with them. 


We would advise that you plan to stay in hotels, AirBnB’s and Hostels. Always remember to be vigilant and keep your possesions safe!

In the USA you will never be short of things to do. 


  • Why not take in a Baseball or American Football game? 

  • Go and see a show on Broadway

  • Visit museums and art galleries

  • Camp in a National Park

  • Go to a theme park

  • Chill on one of the many beautiful beaches

  • See Niagara Falls

  • Hit the casinos in Vegas!

  • See a concert 



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