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What is Camp?

Summer Camps are an American Tradition that stand the test of time

  • 9 week summer employment at one of America’s premier summer camps

  • Camps all over the USA, particularly New York, Maine and New Hampshire

  • Hundreds of fun activities all in the same facility

  • Jobs available for sports coaches, lifeguards, arts & crafts enthusiasts, digital media guru’s, outdoor adventure enthusiasts and many more!

  • Work at a traditional overnight camp, special needs camp, single gender camp, or YMCA camp

  • Staffed by people from all over the World including America, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Poland and more


WHY work at Camp?
So many reasons!

Working at an American summer camp has many advantages.


  • The most fun job you will ever have! Every day at camp is an adventure! 


  • Meet like minded people from all over the World. 


  • Teach, coach or instruct an activity that you are passionate about. 


  • Experience the camp culture, and get to spend a significant amount of time in America!


  • Enhance your own CV! Gain experience working with children and experience in your chosen activity. 


  • Travel the States for up to 30 days and tick off your bucket list.

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