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Work Play USA Online Job Fair

When: Monday 25th March
Where: On Zoom
What Time: 2pm-4pm EST(US Time)

Welcome to the Work Play USA online job fair! You are invited to attend and speak to camp directors in the USA at this virtual meet and greet event. This is your chance to meet camps to showcase your skills, experiences and most importantly, your awesome personality! 

We will be hosting a 2 hour Zoom call in which camps and Work Play USA applicants will attend. You will have the opportunity to book in a pre-scheduled call with as many camps as you want, for a time slot of 15 minutes. You will need to book an interview slot with the camps you choose, and then make sure you are on the call to then be placed into a 'Breakout Room' with the director. 

Feel free to book in chats with as many different camps as you want, but please be very careful not to double book yourself. For example, if you book an interview with one camp at 2pm EST, make sure you don't book another camp at the same time. Once the interview slots are gone, they are gone! 

This is a great way for you to get hired this summer. As it is only a 15 minute chat, you may not get hired on the spot, but we will encourage camps organise a further interview if they liked you. 

Gold Arrow Camp


Camp Kinder Ring

New York

Camp Eagle Hill

New York

Summit Camp


Camps Chipinaw & Silver Lake

New York

Camp Crescent Cove


Breezemont Day Camp

New York

Long Lake Camp for the Arts

New York

Lake Greeley Camp


Please browse the list of camps who are attending the fair and click to book in your interview slot:

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